Sunday, February 8, 2009

My New/Used Table

Before and after shots! Fun! I must confess that of all the furniture I have redone throughout the years, I have never remembered to take a shot of the original. Until now...this wretched beast is the original. I got it for free, on the side of the road. I even made my friend chuck it into the car for me too ("...since it's on your side."). But I spotted this coffee table/end table right away, out there in the snow. You have to look beyond much of the furniture you find on the side of the road...

as most of it is painted green.


Okay, so I decided that this would be my new computer table. Keep in mind that I have a lot of heavy dark wood, metal objects, and the color red prominent in my apartment. So this would (eventually) be perfect. I saw its future.

I tried to sand as much paint as I could off of this thing. In addition to its garishly painted green top, there were white paint splatters everywhere. Eveeeryyyywhere. I sanded my butt off. However, that green paint was apparently not gonna go out like that, so I had to come up with a different plan. The table top is somewhat ruined, as it is. It is riddled with nails of all shapes and sizes (which I spent considerable time hammering back in), and one corner has a sizable chunk that clearly fell off at one point and was nailed back on, shoddily. (*sigh*) I work with what I've got.

But if I put a computer on top of it, no one will be able to see that anyway. Right? Right. At the time, I was more concerned/thrilled with the metal knotted pieces that stick out on every side. This is the kind of detail I like, people! Especially since it will blend with my existing living room furniture much better than the table combination I have now. I painted those too, and they rule, but they just don't fit as well. They are for another room, and another time.

is the table of today!

There are some awesome wood knots in this table.

Isn't she beautiful? I used home made stain, put 6 thin coats of red paint on the top surface, and then poly.

I love recreating /refurbishing furniture! Seriously thrilling.


Vag said...

well done.
good job with those paint drips all everywhere.

Vag said...

i seriously cant believe someone painted that green.

shana said...

i can. they are always painted green, for some reason.

erratioanimus said...

wow that is a beautiful table, so much personality.And while it obviously is more awesome now, I think it had a lot of character to begin with. Truly awesome

shana said...

thanks tony!