Sunday, September 11, 2016

In Two Dimensions

This semester I am fairly JAZZED that I was given my first 2D course to teach. Since my media is normally a little more on the 2D than the 3D side (although not exclusive by any means), I have been begging for 2D or Drawing I...or something. I got it this semester, CHOOCHOO!

Thus, in addition to the 3D classes, I am relearning (or learning backwards) how to do this 2D thing, or at least teach to it. It's strange to put into words, the process of what one does quickly, naturally and even inherently, as an artist. But I welcome the strange backwardness, because of course, anything I teach always helps me understand my own process more thoroughly (and slowly). It's a win-win for learning! And if you know me, you know my absolute favorite part of teaching is the lesson planning. I have an overabundance of ideas, and so it works out really well for me. Nothing, then, seems wasted. That is a blessing.

I've really been enjoying finding a related exemplar within my own work for my 2D students to look at, for the beginning of each presentation. I was digging about and found this tiny little photo, of what is actually a tiny little etching. I feel like it might have been on a steel plate...

Currently, we are covering Shape, Form and Line (contour/cross-contour) and still strictly in the black and white realm.

P.S. This is my leg.