Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Have I Been Doing...?

Let me just start by saying, I apologize for not being here in awhile. BUT I have had everything brewing, it's just more behind the scenes work. First of all, I have been teaching...some short demos on a variety of subjects; color theory, writing a curriculum vitae, and this Tuesday I will be presenting a background of lithography and a short demo on how that works.

I am lucky enough to have an awesome artist friend, Jessica H. Wyatt, who invited me twice so far to come to her GTI (graduate teaching intern) class. This week we took the students through a color theory exercise. Color is one of my favorite things, and sososo important, and so I was very jazzed to be invited on this day, in particular. I was able to share my own color "wheel" from my foundation year at MIAD (circa 1997, ahem!). We explored primary, secondary and tertiary (hue) colors as well as tint, tone and shade.

I have a few photos of the start of their process. They seriously did a great job for their first time really mixing colors! In fact, the non-painting "computer guy" in her class managed to create a very accurate set of mixed colors, so I was very pleased. Here's what they were striving for...

And here they are gettin' busy!

^ non-painting "computer guy" doing an awesome job ^

Ah color, is there anything better? I say NAY!

In other news:
1. I am experimenting (bought new materials) for my thesis work, and I'll have more about that as soon as it starts to take more shape. I have a solid concept, but am still working on the execution. 
2. I have been applying to exhibitions with work from the last couple years...lots of exhibitions. 
3. I received confirmation on one solo show next fall, but am not mentioning where just yet because I am superstitious and don't want to tempt Fate...but yay!
4. I am feverishly editing my teaching portfolio so that in approximately one month I can start applying for adjunct teaching positions somewhere in the area.
5. Oh right...I am finishing my last semester of grad school right now too (that's a big deal that I forget to mention sometimes)
6. I was just (surprisingly) mentioned on this other blog, Love + Water Designs, along with one of my pieces, Stormy Weather. That was a very nice mention!

Sorry about the numerals y'all, but it seemed the only way to mention everything in a timely fashion.
I'll have updates and more examples of my newest thesis work next time! And I'll leave you with this gem of a merciful quote that I found this week..."Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow." - Plato.