Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ATCTE is BACK + More Fun Stuff

Hey all, my other blog, Art That Circles the Earth is now back on after a hiatus. Check out some newly finished mandalas, and the new general plan right here. If you an artist interested in working on this project with me (or with someone else-why not?), please let me know. You'll have at least one guaranteed exhibit at MICA in Baltimore, being that this will be my thesis project for this year.

If you want in on this, please let me know: (or my profile on blogger will just link you directly to my email too) I'm very excited for a new year!

I would also like to briefly mention that I donated a few small watercolors for 901 Arts, 901 Day! It happens tomorrow at 901 Montpelier Street in Baltimore. Food and tours and auction items for $9.01 admission. What a cool ideal, it's a "friendraiser".

ETA: Both of the pieces I donated to 901 Arts SOLD!  Yay for them, it's a great community space for all forms of art. They made me feel right at home when I was a guest artist there this spring.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Take Two

Hey Milwaukee, if you want something to do tomorrow night....go to this event!
I donated some pieces last year which sold, so I donated two of my watercolors this year as well...

Ma-Kah Water for all Art Show and Silent Auction!
The City Center at 735
735 N Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Please join us Saturday, August 20th for an Art Show supporting the Ma-Kah Water For All Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to supplying the people of Cameroon, Africa with clean drinking water, founded by my good friend Sam Dinga in the name of his sister, Ma Kah Dinga who passed away due at age 40 in 2009 due to stomach complications. Sam, originally from Cameroon, has pledged to build 40 wells throughout Cameroon in her name.

$15 @ the Door! All proceeds go to the Ma-Kah Water for all Fund!

Raffle will be going on all night! | 20 State Local Artists! |

Art for Sale!

The Doors open at 5PM - Program will start at 6PM

There will be a bar serving drinks all night!

5 - Doors (Bar, Silent Auction, appetizers)

6 - Presentation by Founder Sam Dinga!

645 - Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance (

730 - Mash'Allah Reggae Band (

845 - Live Art Auction

930 - Mash'Allah Reggae Band (

1030 -Raffle item winners announced and Thank you! (Closing of Show)

You can find more information on The Ma-Kah Water For All Foundation by using the links below:

Can't make it to show but still want to support? Visit the link below to make an online donation!

"The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that only 44 percent of the population of the North West region has access to potable water (WHO, 2009). The rest of the province’s 1.2 million inhabitants either drink from streams and lakes polluted with human and animal feces and suffer from water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid or have to walk up to seven miles to collect clean drinking water from sporadically placed water pumps which are unreliable and hard to maintain. The Northwest Province is 90 percent dependent on farming for survival. Its lack of clean drinking water is exacerbated by agricultural deforestation, aquifer depletion, and soil erosion."

ETA: my pieces, unfortunately did not sell this year, but as I understand it, they raised enough money for two new wells, so there you go! YAY!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One More Nice Thing

I am the Featured Artist of the Week for Guildess, Milwaukee's Contemporary Female Artist Guild!
YAY! This article also announces Saturday's exhibition, 3Tributaries. Please note the opening night's very full itinerary, plus the free workshop that afternoon!

Thanks Guildess, you are an awesome arts organization!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Nice Things

Stuff has been working out awesomely for me these past few weeks! I just graduated with my MA in Community Arts, the artist talk, the final critique and the closing reception at MICA went really well!
Additionally, some of the MACAns were recently interviewed by 'What Weekly' online magazine in Baltimore, including yours truly...

AND, Evelyn Patricia Terry strikes again...she reposted the link for me on facebook with these very kind words. "I am a big fan of Shana R. Goetsch's intense commitment to her personal work and to her ability to work intelligently with others to get the job done. Goetsch is a true gift to the universe and being a print-maker myself, I am unable to comprehend the stamina she acquired to produce 4,000 prints! The insightful article, by Justin Allen, appears to have comprehensively documented the artists' intent and Brooke Hall's (photographs)..."

I. LOVE. HER. She is so supportive and incredible.

What I have in the works for Milwaukee*: At the opening, we will have Debra Field from Sojourner Family Peace Center, speaking at 7p about the center, a piece from my series auctioned off for them, a participatory art project AND swing by the Jazz Gallery before the show (2-3:30 pm) to make free art - a collograph printmaking workshop out front....!!! And of course, all that Jazz! This will be amazing!

*More details on the event can be found in this previous post.