Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm Making It, In Milwaukee

I just got word via my twitter, that I (my voice) is on the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee blog. Producer Adam Carr is currently creating a series on all types of art in the city for the project, Make Milwaukee. A few weeks ago, Adam stopped by Evelyn Patricia Terry's newly opened, Terry McCormick Gallery. The interviews are being featured on 88Nine radio spots, and can be found on their blog with some excellent extras (I'm an extra). I'm in the second audio piece, plus I'm in a photo. As I've said, excellent. Click here for the blog.

Photo by Julia Taylor

Friday, February 19, 2010

Quoth the Raven

The first of my series, "Quoth the Raven" is done. *airkick*

Spread My Wings

Words featured are "Imma be spreadin my wings, Imma be doin my thing", one part by each arm, (mentioned in the previous post). There is also a phrase included from a video that someone sent me this morning, which is from a Native American story about the raven, "and from then on, we no longer lived in darkness". I also used some still images from an Iron and Wine video, that is a particular favorite.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inspiration and Its Odd Ways

Normally, when I use words in my art, I get the inspiration from a song, or a poem or a phrase that just sticks with me from pop-culture. Other times, I find an image and it goes from there. The last few days, I was dealing with the latter. I was asked by an artist friend Michelle, to trade an 8x10 piece with her. I wanted to do something uplifting, and I was considering an off-take on a classic mother and child.

But I wasn't satisfied with that idea, and so I looked around my house...noticed I had scrawled a few things about ravens, and The Raven by Poe....and then I thought of people. Women and birds, specifically. Anyway, the point of this right now (as you will see the finished product of what I am talking about, in a few) is that I was searching for language to use, words. I wanted something confident and strong, as I was dealing with images of women...but the phrasing, what to do? I was momentarily stuck.

So this morning, I was feeling extrasupercool, and like I could do and accomplish anything. I decided to look on youtube for a video to aptly describe my mood. I picked the Black Eyed Peas video, Imma Be Rocking That Body (I was feeling kicky, what can I say?), I had not seen it previous to this morning.

Anyway, I was rocking out, and noticed there was a raven in flight right before the lyrics start (a sign). And then I saw Fergie get up and work it in her long black flowy skirt (another sign). Then about 20 seconds later, she utters the fateful words: '...Imma be spreadin my wings, Imma be doin my thing...'
Thank you Fergie, for being so confident, you rule.

Want to see what I saw? Click the link and watch 1:45-2:50 minutes, specifically. I got what I wanted, light-hearted, yet strong and beautiful too. Honestly, that minute of film is an important part of my inspiration for the current piece. Odd choice, but there it is. I'll post the piece when I am finished, but for now, Imma be right in the thick of it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

She Always Gave Me Valentines

Always, without fail...

(this pop-out valentine is over ninety years old, and was made in Germany)

I'm honoring an entirely different form of love today...and this is the deepest one I have.

Today, I filled out a form, on behalf on my mother. I've taken it upon myself to be, at the very least, her voice. This year, I want her added to an important list: the "Remember My Name" Memorial Project. It's a national name registry that continuously compiles information on victims of domestic violence. If you know someone whom you feel needs to be added to this list, please visit the International Domestic Violence Memorial's facebook page for more information and a link to the form. And please remember, not all domestic violence is also intimate partner abuse.

I'll leave you with a valentine that I gave my mom many moons ago. She saved this, and I found it well after she died. I'll just have to send my valentine out to the universe this time around...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Thin Line

I had a really good time tonight overhearing people talk about my Deer Hart (Dear Heart) pieces. A couple of young guys were somewhat excited to see more of my pieces, because for some reason, they broke up the series into two, separate, spots in the gallery. These are the things I take for granted won't happen...but I should still learn to leave a note on the submission form from now on. But I received a ton of compliments on, "the colors!". FYI, there were three other pieces that had to do with deer in this show, as well....deer/antlers are so hot in contemporary art right now. Unreal. It's a good thing I have a jump on the competition, in that respect.

So here it is, click on the slide show! Tonight's exhibition documentation starts about 10 photos in to this set:

Artists' Block

I am working on a piece, or wanting to work on a piece, and it may be the subject matter that is tripping me up...the classic, mother and child. It seems so long ago that I painted something topical or relevant to the world. Since I have been busting my butt all last year to just "Paint!", I feel like I've gotten out of practice in "meaning". Partly, this is my fault, as I needed a break.

I am not one of those people who can ascribe meaning into an abstract painting, anyone's abstract painting. To me, abstractions just are; no more, no less. They shouldn't take flowery, poetic words to explain them...otherwise, why not paint that subject, itself? The hardest thing for me is naming those circles paintings....a phrase or a meaning seems to ruin their purity, and what they are about (largely technique and color).You will see that with my circle paintings, I've used numbers, or one-word titles. If I find a phrase I like, I am definitely using it for MORE. (note: I use the word "abstract" to convey my own circle paintings. In general, I feel "abstract" is used as a description far more than it should be. An "abstraction", is an abstraction of something else, and that something else should be recognizable within, otherwise, is it really an abstraction of that something? Think about it.)

So I am stuck, because I've been doing abstract nothingness for a year. I feel that part of my mind is weak, in fact. I never actually considered it, or thought it could happen, but there it is: "fluff head". After this little sojourn, seriously, no one can ever tell me again that painting a subject is the same as painting abstractly. One involves two parts of the brain, the other just one, the intuitive side. While I occasionally enjoy some fluff and my own intuition, I'd like to get back into things that really matter to me.

Curse this block!

Monday, February 8, 2010

One More...

Artist Statement. What I need to do, is stop being involved in so many different things that require specific statements. After the fourth one in a few months' time, I'm done. I literally think I have it all covered now.

Found Objects in Art

The idea of found objects in art is an intriguing one, for me. It involves
imagining what the object will become, and seeing its future. It is a process
that is full of creativity and hope. “Found Art” transcends its label, being that
it’s transformative, and it always becomes more than the sum of its parts.

I began incorporating found objects into my art many years ago, after a
particular assignment in a two-dimensional art class. I loved wandering
through the neighborhood, and being asked to pick up, in effect, garbage.
Since that time, interesting little things have caught my eye more often. I have
found that little treasures are waiting for me, in my direct path, almost
constantly, and I just need to take the time to truly see them. Much of my
material has been gathered from outside, and on daily journeys. Dirty, rusty,
artsy, junk can frequently be found in my purse, on my coffee table, or in my
car, just waiting for its chance to shine, again.


The Launch Party for Little Episodes, is on February 25th in London. I wish I could go, I received an invitation for it today. And it looks like from this page that the first book will be titled, "Back in 5 Minutes". My piece, Self-Portrait 2006, will be in this first (I believe) book from Little Episodes' "Expressions of Depression" anthology. We're getting closer y'all!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Have Names & Aim to Use 'Em

Quick Updates:
1. These two pieces now have names, and were submitted 'somewhere' this morning...



2. I was accepted into "The Thin Line" exhibition for the Riverwest Artists Association, with three pieces from my Deer Hart (Dear Heart), series. The show opens on Saturday, February 13th. If only I had a valentine...

You can see the pieces I submitted in this older post.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Is Where I Live

I thought it would be fun to get a glimpse into the other half of my studio. If you'll remember from way back, I usually do the painting portion of my art on my living room floor. That room has the most light, the most space, and it's where all of my favorite things are located. I guess I'm a 'home-maker', in this way.

But I digress, this is a post about the other part of my studio...this is where I do the dangerous work, the spraying mostly, because the window is right there. I also keep all of my art supplies, papers, office supplies, and art work in this room. It is packed to the gills, and I just moved things around again. I also have extra furniture and large junk for found objects pieces in this room. That's a lot of stuff, but I have managed by being really organized and having plenty of shelving space.

Because I am versed in so many different medias, I have more than the average in the line of supplies. I have more tricks up my sleeve, that y'all haven't seen because they're too toxic to do in my house/studio right now. These include encaustics, and my fave, glaze painting, both with oil and/or toxic dry pigments. I also want to produce some more egg tempera pieces, which involves again, toxic dry pigments, plus hide glue for the surface, or casein (milk protein) if you are working on a paper surface. Sometimes the process of painting is downright yucky, and pretty dangerous. Maybe I'll be able to find a way to work around some of these challenges soon.

Until then, as an artist, here is "where I live":

In the spare room, a found object that I snagged out of someone's fire pit (with permission) because I thought it looked like a horned animal head (carcass, more like). I just have to remove one of those stems first....maybe you can still see my vision of the deer head in this.

This is where the dangerous spraying goes on, out the window. I also, have supplies and art here, as you can see.

More of the studio, more supplies, more art squeezed on the walls.

Ah yes, the mannequin. I have plans for her.

A valid question...this is up on the wall in studio 2.0, for "kickin-some-art-ass" inspiration purposes.
I'll leave you with the Guerrilla Girls' thoughts.