Thursday, December 25, 2014

My New Type

Actually it's a new twist on an old style of working. Gimme some glue and I'm a truly happy lady.

More of this work is on my Baker Artist Nomination / profile, which you can find here.

From the new series, Imperfect Circle...

From the new series, Swath...

Exhibitions SO FAR Away

Exhibitions scheduled in 2015, thus far:

HCC Faculty Exhibition
January 29 - March 22, 2015
Reception: February 5,  5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

(work undecided)

Jubilee Arts, Baltimore
August 4 - September 1, 2015
Reception: August 8, 4-6 pm

Proposal excerpt:

I propose an exhibition of watercolor paintings which reveal both the way in which I work -- the physicality of the medium -- as well as alluding to the psychological precursors to physicality. I have been working on this extended series since 2002 and have created over 600 paintings of varying sizes encompassing the subject of circles. However, rather than the subject matter itself, my focus is on the material relationship of art and trauma, more specifically art and healing psychological wounds or scars. Eskhara, from the Greek, for “scar”, references both physical scarring and scabbing, and literally means “hearth or fireplace”.*


And one piece I know I want in this show:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's the Little Things

On the evening of December 4th...

I was at my student's exhibition earlier, so I ended up doing a lot of driving, fast walking and fast talking all over Maryland that night. I just missed the award ceremony at the Small Wonders exhibition reception by about two minutes. However, here is Marcus Civin's juror statement.

The good thing, is that it was a lovely, full show, there were friendly people to talk to, AND I received two merit awards for my work, one for each piece in the show (plus some money)!! That's very exciting and means I can buy something "for me" this winter.

Backtracking to the student show:

Student, Margaret (PJ) Kahlor, had this fantastic piece in the exhibition

Student, Anna Burgio, and her shadow art piece 
(dog biscuits make up the silhouette of the dog in the photo)

Student, Catherine Homens, sold her dragon piece at the exhibition!

Super Awesome! I'm very pleased with the showing from my 3D and Sculpture I students this semester!

And because I'm feeling a teeny bit liturgical AND braggy right now: My student, Catherine Homens, created this piece out of semi-precious stones, we laid it on the light table... and there she is, "Mother and Child" motif! This was created for the Sculpture I course, the directive being: to create a low-relief piece based on the work of Vik Muniz and their impression of the movie Wasteland. One of the other two students in the course sculpted the likeness of a young, female samurai warrior. Pretty fantastic as well, but here's the mosaic work of Catherine Homens.

This was possibly the most intense student work I've seen, to date (and it's hard to say that, seriously). She actually broke my grading system/principle of never giving a perfect, 100%. Way to learn how to complete a mosaic piece for the first time in your life, and in about three weeks, Catherine! Way. To. GO.

ETA: I think what I'm most excited about in teaching college (and can see literal proof of), is that many of them start exhibiting their work at my suggestion, and that they often ask for my recommendations on how to do so...that their work often sells and is marketable. It's almost too easy, but it's really because they're so talented. I'm lucky to be around such vibrancy for nine months of every year, I wish it were more...