Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Absence Of

I have really been feeling a weight of loss, from all over, as of late. Without getting into it, the absence of people has been permeating my whole being, and I just feel morose. So I've been trying to shake it off or get this feeling the hell out of my body. Therefor I'm leaking again. Luckily I work in a field where insides are okay to be outsides sometimes.

This is an exemplar I made to show the 3D class for their project entitled, 'Word'...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Been Artin' Around

I've been fairly busy for the past five weeks, but have images of some exhibition receptions, which I have been very late to post, so here we go...

First up is the Things That Scare Me Invitational at Howard Community College's Rouse Company Foundation Gallery. The reception was in the latter part of June, but the show just closed this past Sunday. I received some really incredible feedback ("powerful", "arresting") and spoke to many patrons who wanted to hear more about my piece. I am only sorry my second piece was not finished in time for the show, but I wasn't about to rush it. Also, I was in the show with Fahimeh Vahdat, who was one of my past painting professors in undergrad at MIAD. It's extra special when one is in a show with their professor, in my opinion.

 Fahimeh Vahdat in front of her piece

Next up, ALLOVERSTREET and ArtScape!

ALLOVERSTREET is a fun gallery/event walk that happens once a month in the East Oliver Street area. We were lucky to have our soft opening of GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Our of Feminism that same weekend, so we got tons of foot traffic that first night...I believe the attendance numbers for us were in the eighties...not too shabby.

Incidentally, the piece above was made by one of my former students at HCC, Ingrid Nuttle. Remember what I just said up there about showing with professors...well this way is even better for me!

my piece, Sole Intention

Onto ArtScape, I have less photos of that because frankly, we were flyering for GUTSY the whole time and I was exhausted, what with my two jobs and playing Regional Coordinator that weekend. I did see some great acting and this little bit of stage fighting practice with The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, which I enjoyed...

the flyering team

and some backdoor shenanigans

More images of TFAP-B's events, and specifically, the Storytelling Circle with Power Inside are detailed here.

And just one, last, little reminder:

Join us 6-9 pm, at 440 E. Oliver Street in Baltimore!