Monday, March 30, 2009

God's Architect

I am really finding a lot on Robert Hughes from his series Visions in Space. It's all architecture, which is not really my forte. (I watched one about Mies van der Rohe this weekend and that was definitely not my forte) However, we could all stand to learn a little something about buildings, don't you think? So from Hitler's architect, to God's architect we will go....

Antonio Gaudi

Monday, March 23, 2009


Again, these titles every week absolutely kill me.

Here are this week's circles. It looks like I have embraced a more vertical format this time....nice change. I particularly enjoy the bubble that stayed in number sixty-seven. That was achieved with Elmer's Glue. Let's see, what else...I enjoy sixty-eight in a bright way. I rarely create pieces with such sunny disposition. It's again, nice...for a change.









Sunday, March 22, 2009

Space in Architecture

If you know anything about me, you know that I'll watch anything with Robert Hughes involvement. This is about Hitler's architect, Albert Speer. It's a really interesting look at power in architecture, buildings and stone. Very haunting, very Robert Hughes.

Visions of Space

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heavy Duty Masonry

This is something I reworked from last year, and applied to now. It wasn't right when I first did it, and I knew that at the time, so I put it away for another day. That day is today. (or more accurately, three days ago when I restarted it) The words that are used in this piece are taken from a poem I wrote quite some time ago...
"Because I'm an expert at masonry too, I built my wall as big as you."


I was also thinking about the quote,"Things fall apart, the center cannot hold; anarchy is loosed upon the world."(from William Butler Yeats, and the poem is The Second Coming, 1921) In these ruminations, I am beginning to realize just how dangerous 'love' can be, how it can create terrible things in people, as well as wonderful ones. I believe now that it's about how our hearts are handled in each situation. Love can hurt, but I still have to ask, can it really be called 'love' then?

I don't know the answer to this one yet. I am in the process of going through training that is based around all aspects of abusive relationships, and it really is an eye-opener for me. Today we heard from those (men) that do the abusing. It is heartening to see grown people still actively learning, still working on themselves. I always want to be one of those people...a tryer.

And even though this piece is rather 'walled up', it's just a reminder for me. This does not mean that I have closed myself or my attitude off from love. It's quite the opposite, in fact. I feel more free and more beautiful and more real than I ever have before, and this will ultimately help me to love others better, in turn.

I have always received my blessings under heavy disguise. I still take 'em though, without even knowing. To an extent, I feel that I have been pushed and held down too much by people/situations/myself. Which is okay, as long as I can get back up. I always want to be someone whom gets back up. Because if that's really the case, in small ways, I will always win.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week In Paintings

...except for the first one, which is not a painting at all, but a photograph instead. I broke my 'must have paint' rule on that one, but I couldn't help it. The red pepper embryo I found was too darn cute to pass up. Let's see, I absolutely loath sixty, for some reason it reminds me of the 1980's and I detested that decade. sixty-three rules, and other than that, I am content with my week here.








Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How 'Bout You?

Words of wisdom:

"It's really hard to go after your dreams, when you don't like yourself."

Yes, Miss Rorie Kelly, it really is. she also has a myspace page...and even though I think that myspace is pure evil, I'll still link ya.

Needless to say, I think she's a brave one, one to watch for. Rorie Kelly, bless your frankness and honesty. Really, thank you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Oldy, But Goody

"Art as a Commodity", an interview with Alan Woods. This guy deserves a medal...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Gun-Powder Eyes

I couldn't do was all finished and I went in and added antlers.

Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Pains

"I love your long shadows and your gun-powder eyes."

I fell in love with these lyrics, from the new Neko Case song Prison Girls and it went from there. That, coupled with the birds I had been think about recently helped to shape this piece. And I have been thinking about that common phrase,"a little birdie told me...". Those birds are always whispering secrets in someone's ear.

So this is how I came up with the tie between me (the little gray bird, holding the smaller bird) and the 'gun-powder eyes'. I chose the shot because I look a bit sad and very much submersed in my own little world, as compared to the other two girls in the photo. In fact, the vast majority of my childhood photos look like this. They always feature me as a fairly expressionless little bird...

I also painted myself gray because technically, I think I have gray eyes. They always seem to photograph as black, rather than blue. It takes my unnaturally red hair for them to look even slightly blue. Someone recently asked me their color, and I told them I had finally determined that they were the color, Payne's Gray. They retorted that it was "very appropriate", speaking to the verbal pun. (Payne's Gray, pronounced like 'pains', is one of a variety of colors of paint found in tubes. Artists will be more familiar with the term and color.)

The idea of shadows has been on my mind since I made the post on loss shadows. (Empty, Rather Than Full, I & II) But the idea of LONG shadows, that was a new one for me to think about. Long shadows seem extra sad and morose, don't you think? Like they have been that way forever, stretched and gloomy and looming. I think that long shadows would probably be the color of pain(s)....Payne's Gray....which also happens to be the color of gun-powder.

There ya go.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get Yer Paintings Here

My 365 series is continuing...








If you are wondering where the circle is in fifty-two, it's underneath the pink blob. It was the very first layer I did, thank you. And there is a NON-DEER (uh huh) figurative painting that I just finished, which should be up tomorrow or the next day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paint it Out

I wrote a post today, and I just deleted it. It was what I wanted to say, but it wasn't the way I wanted to say it. So over the course of the next week or so, I'll just paint it all out. I pretty much do that anyway, I just think I need to stop talking so much. I feel like I'm not saying anything, or it's not coming out's all jumbled. Thus, the idea of painting it out. I'm starting the next piece tonight or tomorrow. I haven't decided yet if it will have deer, but I really don't think so. Imagine that, no deer.
Nuther purge, nuther day...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Those Birds Could Dance

I just got home from seeing the UW Milwaukee production of Oedipus Rex, which is my favorite play. It was a very good production, very humorous in the right areas. And the part where he gouges his eyes...and thereafter...was just how I always thought it would go in my head. As in, it visually looked the same as when I was 14, and I first concocted a mind picture from reading. Unreal. Also, we were in the second row, seated at the center. As an audience member, you are (more or less) up the actors' noses at that proximity.

But the opening few minutes of the play featured some hardcore African Dance inspired moves. I could tell because I took a few classes at one point, and it almost killed me, every class period. From the sounds of the heavy panting coming from the whole chorus in Oedipus Rex, it was at the very least, African Dance inspired. Basically if ya can't breathe anymore, there are more than likely, some African Dance moves going on.

Anyway, that opening scene was really powerful, and it made me think of Milwaukee's own Ko-thi Dance Company. I found this video that has four short routines on it, but will give you their flavor nonetheless. I particularly enjoy the dance that comes in at 6:30 in the video. They make me think of a flock of graceful birds.

It's all about the birds lately...

I should be starting the next DH piece tomorrow or the next day....look for it in the near future.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Mornings

Ah ha, see what I did there? In the last two DH's I've done, I have included all spellings for 3 words...deer, dear, hart, heart, mourning(s), mornings. Punny.

Here is the piece that includes some words from the song Amazing Grace. I also referenced the 'Three Graces', which I have done many times before. I like the concept of the Three Graces, as well as enjoying the number three. The female figures at the bottom are based on aboriginal cave paintings. Although the symbol is ancient, it is still used today in Australia by modern aboriginal artists. I thought it was wicked cool that the archer was clearly a female; don't see that much. As for the sunrise, it's strikingly similar to my sunrise murals that are gone now. I guess I miss them, and that's just how I want to see the sun rising...repeatedly.

Next up, nuther girl, nuther bird.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The 365 Series Continues

And I continue to have trouble titling these same subject posts every week.

This was my last seven days in circle form. Wednesday to Wednesday, here we go...








Forty-nine is very tiny compared to the others, maybe 2"x 2".
Hey look, I'm almost to fifty. Who would have thought?

I (Briefly) Forgot About The Play Date!

If you are an artist in the Riverwest area this weekend and are interested in something to's your chance. The RAA is having a play date for the grown-ups. Bring your art, and we play. It's at the new space on Center Street, The Jazz Gallery, on Saturday 1-3p. There is more information on the location and the gallery space here.

We will be playing the first Saturday of every month, in fact.

And the RAA got a mention on this lovely site. Follow the link please.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Postcard Received!

From Heather Gordy, in Texas. Woohoooo y'all!

Looks like she used some acrylics on there. It's a really thick postcard, it's even textured. That's some nice, quality postcarding!

Myspace, You Filthy Whore

(I thought I would stoop to their level)

This is it folks, an update: I can't even write the word 'blogspot' in a DIRECT (private, not so much, it seems) message on myspace any more. Networking site, my foot. They expect you to promote their site, yet do not allow any linking to go on theirs. And then there is the insulting spam messages you will get in return for your patronage, being compared to the likes of 'head lice' and other such sundry and grody things.

So today, I was trying to see if I could put something up on here, a postcard that I have received from someone in Texas. I know her through myspace only, and I literally could not write the singular word 'blogspot' without myspace telling me I had been phished (they are stepping up their tyranny). As in, I somehow phished my own page...tell me how, because I'd like to know.

I tried to send this message multiple times, and to multiple people, I tested it purposely. All of this, after I had to change my password...three times I did this. I have to write it out in code now, b-l-o-g-s-p-o-t and so on.

But I just typed in the one word...'blogspot'.

It's amazingly one of the most feared and/or offensive words on the net, according to myspace. ("it must be eliminated.") It's a far worse word than any other, including swear words. Yep.
I can curse my fanny off, but not write the word 'blogspot' (or 'blogger', I've tried that too) in a private (aka 'heavily screened') message. Does this make sense to you? Myspace should change their name to 'spampolicespace'.

I love my blogspot...I want to share it, and I cannot, no matter how hard I try. I have written so many letters to customer service already. They are useless as well; useless as a networking site, useless where freedom of speech is concerned, useless in helping people, they only fight spam now.

from the Post Secret myspace page:

"One week from today I will be posting my last message here on "Frank's PostSecret Blog on MySpace".....

...I would like to continue sharing new postcards and some of the funny and inspirational stories behind the secrets but recently MySpace has made that very difficult...

...At first, MySpace was a great partner. They redesigned the PostSecret profile page, expressed an interest in extending HopeLine's reach to their network and awarded PostSecret a "MySpace Impact Award". Then the support stopped without warning and things have progressively gotten worse...

...MySpace cancelled a planned meeting we had where Reese Butler and I had hoped to migrate some of the most effective suicide prevention resources from HopeLine directly to the MySpace community. Some of the secrets that I had posted on MySpace were removed without notification and commenters to the Blog saw some of their words and thoughts disappear...

...The final affront came last week when MySpace notified my visitors who tried to use a link to the PostSecret website that, "You have reached a link that is no longer in service. That means the link was very naughty, and, much like head lice, had to be eliminated before it spread."...

So, here's to you, Blogger...according to myspace, you're an evil little s.o.b.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Feather

"I will tell them, 'This feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar, and carries with it all my good intentions.'"

-The Joy Luck Club

The next piece that I am working on revolves around the idea of mothers. I have used a bird/deer as the animal symbol for this particular piece. Birds have been on my mind lately. I have used an image of a mourning dove, specifically because of what it symbolizes and because of the word play..."mournings" and "mornings".

To me, mornings are the best part of the day, just when the sun rises. The stillness in that time is something not found at any other point during the waking hours; there is an unreal quality. It's like the Horizon is taking a really big breath before she starts living again. So, needless to say, the sun is important to me, it's important to my mood each day. I love waking up early and catching that stillness, and the new beginning.

And mothers are always a consistent theme for me; the importance of mothers, and understanding who they are/were. Understanding their hopes for us. This is why I think that I have chosen a hybrid of an animal again. I have been thinking about that 'girl with a bird' (see post with same title), and the bird has resonated within me since that point. I wondered what else the bird could tell me. I wondered what the bird/deer has already told me.

So I was trying to figure out the tie that I had personally, between the bird, the deer, the mother, the sun, and the gods. It was no easy feat trying to get to the bottom of it and have it make conscious sense to me. I was stuck for about a week on the magnitude of it all, and how to link it. But the last post I wrote about song and The Color Purple jogged something subconscious for me. So I went looking, and this is what I found....

In some of the remaining minutes of the film, The Joy Luck Club, the main character is finding out an important portion of her mother's past. Before June was born, her mother had two children that she 'abandoned'. It was always an unknown for June, her mother's past in China, what happened to those babies. After her mother dies, she finds out from her father what happened, and gets a much needed message about hope, as well. June really needed to hear who her mother was, and she had always needed hope and a sense of worth from her mother. She finally got it in the form of a bird feather, painstakingly saved in an envelope for her, for years. Mothers are the wise little helpers of the universe sometimes, even if they aren't there anymore. Sometimes all you need is a nudge (or a feather, or a deer charging you off the road).

Here are seven gut-wrenching minutes of The Joy Luck Club that explain it all....
the bird, the deer, the mother, the sun, and the gods.

(click the above link please)
This is what has been 'flying' around my head for weeks.