Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mondrian in Second

By GOD, I love creating lesson plans. I mean really, such a thrill when I have packed in everything they need to learn, simply and efficiently.

So this is the in-class exemplar for basic painting and paint mixing skills. We are currently in the Color Unit, and this also utilizes some nice ruler skills. Patience, and challenging ones self  is the name of the game!

By the way, these lines are actually straight, but the paper has not been properly pressed! As usual, I make all the mistakes, so they don't have to! It's also great to give them a visual example of what not to do as well as what should happen.

Mondrian in Second: Students are asked to start their Color Unit by mixing secondary colors with paint, to create Mondrian-esque pieces.

The students are using (and therefor I was forced to use) tempera paint. The tempera is provided to them for free, so it's easy for them to use in that way, but HOLY MAN, who ever seriously used tempera paint in their professional art practice, and as an adult....who? WHO?

I should have them make egg tempera, shoot, something. Tempera is, in my opinion, the worst. I DETEST it.

Sunday, October 16, 2016