Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Next Up...

Small Wonders, national, juried exhibition...I'll have two sculptural pieces in the show!

One of the pieces, Things Fall Apart

What: Small Wonders (Marcus Civin, juror)
Where: Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis MD
When: Nov. 28 - Dec. 28, 2014
Reception: December 4, 6-8p

This is the third national juried exhibition at the Maryland Federation of Art, that my work has been accepted to. I've had really odd/good luck there, for some reason. I guess I like visiting Annapolis once in awhile too. The capitol building, straight-up, looks like a little doll house next to Wisconsin's state capitol (which was modeled after the nation's capitol). The difference is also: traveling a barely one-lane cobblestone circle drive, versus navigating a four-lane square with stop lights, off streets and chaos; a quaint, sleepy seaside town, versus the second largest metropolis in the state, etc. It very much tickles me.

I also got word about a week ago that I'll have a solo show in August at Jubilee Arts, in Baltimore! That's my neighborhood art center, and I've worked with them as a community artist before, so it's pretty exciting news for 2015 already!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Update, Lotta Art!

Hurray! My piece, Nightlife, was one of the first to go at the lottery drawing at School33. Got this photo with (one of) the art patrons who chose my piece!

Thanks so much, Nancy LeMay! 

It's always very exciting and rewarding for me, to participate in Lotta Art each year.