Thursday, October 29, 2009

Light Painting

These look way better in person because they're too large to scan. Very light watercolors...they're kind of sorrowful, aren't they?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Barely There

Barely there, yet she encompasses every line, every movement, and every thing.
For she is the center from which all things come.
She is not without a face, she is in every face.

Barely There elbow-orange

Barely There elbow-pink

Barely There inside elbow-pink

Barely There knee-orange

Barely There knees-tan

Barely There knees-yellow

Barely There shoulder-grey

Barely There thigh-tan

Barely There thighs-maroon

Barely There thighs-pink

These are some brand new nudes. I tried something different, wherein I simplified. The economy of movement with watercolor. These ten are the whole series, Barely There, which were painted two days ago. thigh-tan is interesting because it is the smallest, and so I made it the closest cropped shot of the bunch. I think this one is interesting because it illustrates that these lines can be anything, a hillside, horizon, and yes, even a body part. They are one in the same, land and body.

So yes, she's 'barely there', in terms of color and line, but her body also spans the whole breadth of these images. In essence, these paintings show that 'she' is in fact, the whole of the world; her body, the continents. She may seem diminished in some ways, but she is still portrayed here as 'everything'. It's a good metaphor for women in society today, I think (but maybe I'll have to check with vag to be sure).

Mighty is Her reach...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Make That Four...

I just now, was made aware that I have participated in an international group exhibition in BC, Canada! How's that for exciting...I've shown internationally! The Postcard Readings exhibit opened this month in one location and will be up for the rest of the month in another gallery in Trail, BC. WHOOP! 4 shows, one month, and it ain't even done yet.

just to remind you...this is what is currently showing in Canada.

(I'm still painting, don't worry...just behind on the 'showing' aspect of this little show and tell. I'm about to make some collages up in here, in fact. And I'm applying for another free show that looks promising....gotta be there by the 31st though. I just love juried exhibits with no entry fee. LOVE.)

Official Tally: ArtWalk-2 exhibits total, one solo exhibit + Guildess-group exhibit + Postcard Readings-international group exhibit = Shana's October EPIC WIN

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Show

Since I was at the Jazz Gallery with John (RAA pres) getting it set up, and no one but Elmo came in (twice)...I made a deal with John, we left a note on the door, he went with me to the Bittersweet show, and then I went with him and got drinks. He drove, he paid...but I did buy him an ice cream cone at McDonalds. All around, not too bad of a night, but I definitely need more 'unmarrieds' to hang with.

Here's John thoughtfully posing for me, in front of my piece....

a random shot of people milling around...

scary Hide House building shot...

I'm going there again today, maybe I'll get a few more photos.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Studio One

What have I been doing lately? Well, I have been painting some larger circles in watercolor, on a different kind of thinner paper. I liked, and disliked that it was easier for me to tear. (said paintings are on a pile towards the back of this photo)

Almost ready for grad school applications. It's a humdinger this year...5 schools total. I'm getting all of my ducks (pieces) in a row. Pray for me people, PRAY.

And tonight I bring the piece in for the Guildess show, Bittersweet. Love-knot will be up next week for Gallery Night and Day! It's half of my duo, based on Alfred Noyes' epic poem The Highwayman. Poor lil Bess, this was her piece.

I also have a few other submissions in the works (as usual). It's just a waiting game now, and again.

Wish me luck in all of my upcoming artistic endeavors!
(and cross some fingers, please)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ArtWalk 2009 Continued...

Here's my 'pick of pics', but please check out the video in the previous post.

It all started at church...

My photo display in photo form...

I sat in a pew for a bit. It was creepifyin'...

I got very overwhelmed looking at this, honestly. I almost lost it and started tearing a little. I think it's because this was a depiction of the third time he fell...

But people came and looked at my stuff!

Some more looking...

More highlights of ArtWalk

a Mariachi band!...

When I was at the Jazz Gallery, Sue was having some fun. (Then I yarnbombed these trees, which was fun for me)..

Aw, loneliness. I hate it. (She was included in the fun just a second or two later, so don't worry)...

My favorite site, regardless of the what that judge thought. Christian and Ximena (pictured)...

Day two (today) at St Casimir...

The next three shots are for Vag, whom cannot see the previously mentioned video...

This church was gorgeous and intimidating...

See what I mean?...

My dad came to The Jazz Gallery to check out my art...

Here he is at St. Casimir's with my godmother...

He's doing the "not too shabby" look here...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

ArtWalk 2009, Photography Exhibit

mmmK. I'm gonna jinx myself purposely and repeat (outloud, to the universe, whathaveyou) that I sold one of these photos today (I seriously can't learn to contain these things). She's picking it up "tomorrow", so we'll see about that one. However, if it's true, and I did sell one of these photos....that means I'm THIRTEEN whole dollars richer than yesterday. Yeah, I said it, 'thirteen'. In fact, if I sell one more, I'll cover the entire cost of the photos. It's not easy being this talented and cheap *wink*.

I will have my 'Pick of Pics' for all of ArtWalk available to you sometime soon, as there's one more day of A.R.T. to go!
ETA: She arrived right at 4p like she said she would, and indeed, bought the photo. YAY!

On the Map

If you click on it for the larger image, you will find that I marked myself with red on the word listing (two places). That's just how I roll...I don't have a 'dot' because the two separate church sites are my 'dots'. ArtWalk STARTS TODAY y'all! There will be more to come from me!

And here's a photo of me with my ArtWalk pin...I look like I have two different colored eyes...