Sunday, May 18, 2014

Good Times on Oliver St.

I have to say, Gallery CA is one of the few place in the world where I have actually felt comfortable at exhibition receptions. Normally, I have no one to speak to, so I stand around weirdly, and then sometimes panic about my own social awkwardness and end up checking out early. Anyway, all of that is to say that I had a good time at the I Like It In The City reception! Plenty of people to talk to and new opportunities to give out my cards. I've been trying to really make an effort to actively socialize and network more, because I have to pull double-duty now with TFAP-B. But the art was diverse and interesting, and wholly Bawlmer.

Here are some photos...

Thanks for the wonderful show, Gallery CA!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Call for Feminist Mid-Atlantic Artists, June 2, 2014 Deadline!

Deadline: Deadline for Application is Monday June 2nd
Exhibition Run: July 18th thru August 8th
Notification: Artists will be notified Monday June 16th
Reception: Closing Reception August 8th 6-9 pm
Delivery dates: July 1st and 2nd
Pick up dates: August 9th-10th

GUTSY: very tough or brave : showing courage
marked by courage, pluck, or determination
a: expressing or characterized by basic physical senses or passions
b: rough or plain in style : not bland or sophisticated

Feminism, much like art, is about perception. You may consider your participation in this call for entry a radical feminist act against the mainstream misogyny of the art system, you might not. Either way, your participation in this exhibition will help support women in Baltimore. The Feminist Art Project – Baltimore and Gallery CA invite artists to submit artwork to GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism, an exhibition which seeks to highlight the work of female artists and artists dealing with feminist issues, themes, and aesthetics.

As part of TFAP-B’s mission to support female artists and local organizations working to support women, 20% of each work of art that is sold will go to Power Inside.* Power Inside is a human rights and harm reduction organization that serves women and girls who are survivors of gender-based violence and oppression. Power Inside serves women impacted by incarceration, street life and abuse. They offer direct services, advocacy, leadership development and public education to help women build self-sufficiency, heal from violence, and avoid future criminal justice contact.

This call for entry is open to artists in the Mid-Atlantic region that recognize the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of women, regardless of race, class, or creed, on visual arts and culture. *Please note, the artist retains 80% of sale. Neither Gallery CA nor The Feminist Art Project - Baltimore will take commission on the sale of artwork during this exhibition.


The Feminist Art Project - Baltimore recognizes the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of women on visual arts and culture. We are a grassroots, non-profit arts organization which aims to be inclusive; supporting local, self-identified female artists, as well as men who recognize and promote Baltimore area women in the arts.

Artists should attach their statement and/or CV, no more than 3 images in JPEG formation (sound and video artists may submit links), a 2-5 sentence description of the work and why you want to participate in GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor out of Feminism. Please submit materials in an email sent to with subject heading GUTSY_Lastnameofartist. Artists are solely responsible for delivery and pick up of accepted work. Two dimensional pieces should not exceed 60” x 60” and must be ready to hang/display. Three dimensional works should not be taller than 72” and wider than 48”, unless previously approved by TFAP-B and Gallery CA. Sound and video artists are responsible for supplying their own technology for exhibition. Artworks considered unsuitable for hanging/presentation will be refused. TFAP-B and Gallery CA reserve the right to refuse any artwork that is misrepresented through documentation or is not the piece selected by the jurors. FREE.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Images - HCC Student Invitational

The three students I invited this semester...

My Dean's Award-winning student, Ingrid Nuttle

Two great dragons from Antonia Fleming-Miguel and Ingrid Nuttle

And this interesting piece about "Time" from Charles Kendall

Awesome! They rocked it as always.