Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mandala Your Meal

Hey all, I have some exemplars here for my summer 3D class. Since mandalas are one of my favorite things to work with (we've got some geometry built right into our art), and the summer class has a much shorter time period in which to work, I devised this lesson plan with food.

So basically, you would use the ingredients for your meal as the sole art materials. Here are my exemplars -- can't wait to see what my students come up with! I am hoping we can put together a visual arts recipe book. I will trial run the creation of it this July!

'Chicken Taco Mandala' #mandalayourmeal #pleaseplaywithyourfood #artaseveryday

Ingredients/Materials: corn tortilla, shredded cheddar cheese, fresh salsa, white onion, shredded, seasoned chicken, guacamole, hot sauce

'Pea Salad Mandala'
#mandalayourmeal #pleaseplaywithyourfood #artaseveryday

Ingredients/Materials: frozen peas, turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, purple onion, bell pepper, mayo, italian dressing, black pepper.

'Shepherd's Pie Mandala' (a weak-sauce, Americanized version) #mandalayourmeal #pleaseplaywithyourfood #artaseveryday 
Ingredients/Materials: seasoned ground turkey, purple onions, carrots, frozen peas, frozen corn, mashed potatoes, cream of celery soup, cheddar & pepper jack cheeses.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Winning Student!

During the Spring semester at the Student Exhibition, one of my students nabbed the (Arts & Humanities) Dean's Award. I was there to capture the moment, because a little birdie told me to make sure HE was there...

Ian is my second student to receive the award in the three-ish years I have been there! Good show!

My 3D Student Ian Miner and his work for the 3D Mandala project! He created this using metal, a CD and some cardboard. This one blew me away when I first saw it....and really, it continues to blow me away. She's a real beauty. And it was NFS (pissing said Dean off) because his veryvery smart mom had already claimed it. Moms know excellence.

I believe Ian is planning on an engineering career. *cough*. Thems the breaks, artists. ;)

I'm Back

Whoops, I haven't been here in awhile. In the meantime I bought a three story house, so you stuff has been happening.

So I'll have to backtrack a bit first, before I properly get into the swing of things again...

My last exhibition at Clay Pots was a small, intimate affair. It was a treat to see how all of the pieces related, I had never seen them together. Some of the neighbors expressed interest, so I might be doing some scanning in the future, for prints, or a book. I have always wanted to make a book!