Thursday, August 8, 2013


I just wanted to share a few photos of the great work the kids did this summer in the 22nd Century Pioneers program. Last year, I taught for the same program, but it was named something else...this year, they chose the name because we were all going to Mars (in our imaginations)! So I got to play around with all manner of awesome spacey concepts. I tell ya what, all of my years as an avid Star Trek/sci-fi fan really paid off. Thanks, Gene Rodenberry, and Joss Whedon (Firefly), and countless other visionaries of television! This one's for you...

Collaborative Mars Rovers made out of newspaper and tape only

Space helmets, yes! We need those for our trip!

Faux Stained Glass Planters. This was the first time they ever planted food!

A Terrarium I made, to illustrate a lesson on the Earth's Biomes

Engineering! The 5th grade science class built towers out of newspaper and limited tape. And look, it's as tall as they are!

Mars (Moon) Boots, gotta have those...especially ones with rocket boosters!


This my favorite shot that I took this summer...these are Star Boxes! They contain LED lights so at night they shine stars into their rooms.

This is the display of all the art-related work we did in the science class

Eeewwww, Alien Mold! (really watercolor on paper inside petri dishes)

Final display for the program...

 Planetary Mapping

Inflatable Space Alien!

All of this (and me) was inside a giant geodesic dome! (it was obviously really hot inside that damn thing, but it was still fun)

I love STE(A)M, I truly, truly do.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Out / In the Loop

I'm back! I have some news! I will have more news in a few more days! I have been frantically earning a living for the past five weeks. It feels good to get semi-steady work though, or at least enough to pay the bills for the next half a year. Teaching pays when you know what you're doing ;)

In the meantime, One of my row house pieces was recently in the Creative Alliance's annual Big Show and, AND the piece sold! My co-worker and friend Leyla snapped this photo for me because I had not gotten to see it and the exhibition has already closed.

You know you're busy when you can't get to your own exhibition for the whole duration of the showing. Yikes, that feels awful...but the red dot surely does help!