Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Studio and the Principal Players

When I say 'studio', I mean to say 'the scrap of floor I paint on'. I suppose I should refer to it as my 'space' because that's mainly what it is. It is a space that is approximate depending on my lighting needs and mess levels. If there is a heavy chance of mess, I migrate with my 'space' to the kitchen. But generally speaking everything gets put away, vaguely, and pulled out again when I need it.
I like to paint around the things I love, so I plop my board down where the action is.
But other than that, nothing fancy. I'm on the floor with my stuff all gathered around me in a semi-circle. I think I feel more rooted that way. Plus, drips...I don't particularly enjoy them.
I like things clean friend was astonished that my supplies were so clean, given my messy personality, and hers had paint all over them, and she's a neat freak. I'm a tidy painter, it seems.
I work with water based media, mixed media and found objects. If I can combine the three, all the better. And glue...I have a straight-up love affair with glues and tapes of all types. Primarily I use Elmer's glue though, and self-adhesive linen tape is becoming my fast favorite.
And most importantly, I have a team of overseers! Casual observers..... Scampy is the furry one, as long as she stays in the bucket we're good.
The statue is my long-time friend, the old master painter who always watches me, Mr. Miogi.

Now I paint.

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oh i love thee.