Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Continuum (and other stuff)

Here it is, the series statement for my (many, so many) circle paintings. Incidentally, this is also the title of the fine art book that I am currently making out of my 365. series.


Intuitive watercolor paintings by Shana R. Goetsch

For years, the circle has meant everything, and nothing to me, all at once. It is a paradoxical shape, at the very least, but it is the one shape that makes the most sense to me. Circles are synonymous with perfection, and flaws in those perfect facades can only add layers of meaning to their simple shape. The circle is a single tension that holds countless other tensions; it alludes to life, the human body, nature, and religion. It is the primary muse for the creation of my ongoing, abstract, watercolor series. Whether the circle ultimately represents a mania, or a calming agent within me, I have always returned to my center.

Next on the agenda, I made this! Actually, I have made every call/postcard for the RAA, but one (ArtWalk), for the past year. And I'm still going strong, so I must be doing something correctly. You should see this in-person, it's huge and thick and impressive, like a giant novelty card. The call is on the back (not pictured), so if you're local and you need information on this, check out the RAA blog, listed on the side, in the 'other fine links' section.

The Thin Line (between love and hate):

Here are the three pieces that I am submitting next week for this call:

Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Warm

Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Golden

Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Bloodsport

Anytime I can work those deer pieces in....I'm hoping they won't say no to me for this juried exhibition, since I made that pretty call for them. *fingers crossed* If I'm in, the show starts on February 13th, the eve of Valentine's Day. Timely! This show will overlap with the current show I am still in, the Terry McCormick Gallery's, Opening Exhibition. I love it when that happens, and I'm all over the city at one point in time.

Now, I'm off to work on that book...ta.


Anonymous said...

Ive always been a fan of your deer pieces! the colours are simply fantastic and the visual arrangement of letters and wording combined with the images choosen are simply brilliant!!

shana goetsch said...

thank you VERY MUCH!