Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mail Mania

The greatest thing has happened. I sent out 5 postcards so far, and I have finally received something in return! It was a very exciting day, I'll tell ya what. I asked "Brown Hat" (as he would like to be known) if I could scan and post this postcard so that other people could see it too, since it's super intricate and awesome. (please click on the pic to see it larger. all. hand. drawn.) I also was fancy enough to get a bonus drawing on the back. Score. And by the looks of it, I will have to try harder on my own mail art. Color me impressed, Mr. Hat.

From Wes Way (he changed his mind on the name part)

And on the subject of mail...I am submitting pieces for an international call for postcards/mail art. I'll talk more about it later, but these are the two postcards that I am submitting/sending this week via snail mail...

Safe travels.


Vag said...

DUDE, that hand drawing is super cool. I am just...woa.
how does someone do that and don't they get annoyed after 5 minutes?
i also love the dude on the back, he's my new friend.
can't wait to hear about your new submission pieces and all the details surrounding.
the 2nd one is rocks.
why didn't you pick one of the other ones, like 23?

shana said...

they are a part of another series....just in case, i wont have to split them up. those two fit together.

i know, i love the dude. i love it.