Friday, February 6, 2009

Ashes and Snow

This is so's stillness. I would venture to say that at any point in this you could take a still shot/frame and it would be gorgeous. The way they shot this conveys such extreme amounts of calm.
This is one of those things, that steals my breath. The power in this calm is incredible. I felt like I was in another, more sacred world. And in this world every single second, every single detail was equally important. There is a physical touch/feel aspect that is both visual and visceral in this, for me as well. The mingling of the animals and the humans is very striking. Every moment in this is breathtakingly beautiful.
The small bits of narration really had me verklempt. This is incredible, literally astounding at times.
I felt I had to quiet yourself.

"...This letter breaks that silence. It marks the first of my 365 letters to you. One for each day of silence. I will never be more myself than in these letters...and they are all that I know to be true..."


Vag said...

i reckon i'm ovulating cause this done did me in, yo.

Stanford said...

I actually saw this a couple of years ago. My ex and I sat for hours in front of my computer on the Ashes and Snow site just watching everything. There was complete silence and calmness between the both of us as we watched. I remember being absolutely amazed. And I am still absolutely amazed.

shana said...

'tis true. lowered my blood pressure. i'm sure of it.

Vag said...

came back for more, part 2.