Saturday, February 21, 2009


Deer reference number 53. (I have no idea if it is, in fact #53, but I'd really like to think so, as I've had so many already.)

Originally, I was going to start work on a new figurative be called 'looking down on myself'. It was going to be this really great commentary on the state of women's bodies in society. The title also includes the double meaning of the phrase 'looking down', as I would literally be glancing down at my own body for the model of the figures. However, I don't think I can do it right now. My body image is actually quite good, for once in my life, and I'd like not to impose any badness on my tranquility in this area. That series is clearly for another time.

Right now, I think I should continue with the deer. The photo (above) was found by me this morning. It was a tape cover that my friend Marty made for me, at least ten years ago. He was dubbing some music for me, and stylishly made me a home made cover for the tape as well. (The tape in question had Nirvana on one side, P.J. Harvey on the other. Perfect.) Anyway, I haven't so much as glanced at this in ten years....but today I saw it, and 'got' another deer reference.

I was recently talking to an artist about animal spirits, or spirit guides. I was told that they are sort of like guardian angels; your animal spirit 'helps' you. I have always associated my mother with a deer, because of the manner in which she died. Like, if she were an animal in life, she'd automatically have been a deer, in my head.

I think I have more to explore on this front, with the deer. I wasn't entirely sure that I was done with the Deer Hart (Dear Heart) series anyway. But this morning I received yet another irrefutable sign that I wasn't. I guess that Artemis will have her day with Orion, after all...

Back to the rack.

(And please check out Martin's music...Kicking At the Trunk.)


Vag said...

oh dear...(literally)

shana said...

just had another deer shock today...clicked on this girl from miad's page....deer everywhere. i was like, 'oh dear.' yup. i'm working on one right now.