Friday, March 6, 2009

Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Mornings

Ah ha, see what I did there? In the last two DH's I've done, I have included all spellings for 3 words...deer, dear, hart, heart, mourning(s), mornings. Punny.

Here is the piece that includes some words from the song Amazing Grace. I also referenced the 'Three Graces', which I have done many times before. I like the concept of the Three Graces, as well as enjoying the number three. The female figures at the bottom are based on aboriginal cave paintings. Although the symbol is ancient, it is still used today in Australia by modern aboriginal artists. I thought it was wicked cool that the archer was clearly a female; don't see that much. As for the sunrise, it's strikingly similar to my sunrise murals that are gone now. I guess I miss them, and that's just how I want to see the sun rising...repeatedly.

Next up, nuther girl, nuther bird.

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