Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Is Where I Live

I thought it would be fun to get a glimpse into the other half of my studio. If you'll remember from way back, I usually do the painting portion of my art on my living room floor. That room has the most light, the most space, and it's where all of my favorite things are located. I guess I'm a 'home-maker', in this way.

But I digress, this is a post about the other part of my studio...this is where I do the dangerous work, the spraying mostly, because the window is right there. I also keep all of my art supplies, papers, office supplies, and art work in this room. It is packed to the gills, and I just moved things around again. I also have extra furniture and large junk for found objects pieces in this room. That's a lot of stuff, but I have managed by being really organized and having plenty of shelving space.

Because I am versed in so many different medias, I have more than the average in the line of supplies. I have more tricks up my sleeve, that y'all haven't seen because they're too toxic to do in my house/studio right now. These include encaustics, and my fave, glaze painting, both with oil and/or toxic dry pigments. I also want to produce some more egg tempera pieces, which involves again, toxic dry pigments, plus hide glue for the surface, or casein (milk protein) if you are working on a paper surface. Sometimes the process of painting is downright yucky, and pretty dangerous. Maybe I'll be able to find a way to work around some of these challenges soon.

Until then, as an artist, here is "where I live":

In the spare room, a found object that I snagged out of someone's fire pit (with permission) because I thought it looked like a horned animal head (carcass, more like). I just have to remove one of those stems first....maybe you can still see my vision of the deer head in this.

This is where the dangerous spraying goes on, out the window. I also, have supplies and art here, as you can see.

More of the studio, more supplies, more art squeezed on the walls.

Ah yes, the mannequin. I have plans for her.

A valid question...this is up on the wall in studio 2.0, for "kickin-some-art-ass" inspiration purposes.
I'll leave you with the Guerrilla Girls' thoughts.

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Vag said...

loves me some guerilla girls...and good question, for sure.