Sunday, March 16, 2014

Firestarter II

Firestarter: Angry + More is finished!
(Please note that uploading to blogger significantly screws with the brightness and color. This isn't really what it looks like, color-wise)

I really enjoy the way it turned out, imagery-wise, however I am still working on flattening this bitch. As a piece of paper, it is certainly behaving as such. I have tried everything in my arsenal and a few others', and still, this thing won't behave. It's time for some creative thinking about how these will be displayed. Normally I would mount the paper on canvas or a board, but since it's not flattening appropriately, that assuredly will not work in this situation.

I have issues with all paper pieces (90% of the work I make) when I display them. I hate the idea of them being behind glass, I always want to give them more physical weight (I think it helps with metaphorical weight) and they are never archival-y sound; they are never pure watercolor pieces. I use polyurethane to yellow and age them prematurely. My own aesthetic and process inherently make this difficult, but I want it the way I want it. But this flattening issue may be the worst I have ever dealt with. As a perfectionist, this stupid poster paper may be my undoing. I am seriously irked.

HOWEVER, to put it into perspective, I have seen some hella crinkly paper work clipped up on gallery walls, all blowin' in the wind, so I think I can at least do better than that. This will be my submission to the Things That Scare Me invitational at HCC for the Columbia Festival of the Arts, so something awesome must be done! Stay tuned...

ETA: I like this oddly reminds me of the past and the present simultaneously. I have been listening to this song fairly heavily lately.

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