Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nick Cave(s)

Two of my favorite artist/people in life are both named Nick Cave. I personally find that odd.

I saw one of them yesterday at The Contemporary's Speaker Series at the Baltimore School for the Arts. Nick Cave was requested by Pinebox Art Center and their chosen moderator was Maiza Hixson from the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. Really great talk, really good company!

I was able to attend the talk with my mentor and past professor, Fahimeh Vahdat. We did about a half an hour's worth of full-on spooky haunting of Nick Cave to get this photo. He was totally awesome in person, fyi. He spoke to us for a few minutes, he asked about MY practice, which blew me away. And then I got all dorky and super flustered up in there. But he was gracious and kind and the talk was great. We got a good photo with the help of one of our fellow HCC professors, Amy Boone-McCreesh who was there as well. Actually I saw a ton of people there that I knew. It was a really good night!

The spoils...

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