Saturday, December 14, 2013

Good Times, All Around

I was meaning to get to Maryland Art Place (MAP) last night, but I got so caught up at MICA and all the exhibitions they had opening. Super good stuff, super "Baltimore". I saw Picture Windows: The Painted Screens of Baltimore and Beyond, The Amazing Johnny Eck and Life Interpreted & Home at Last by Colette Veasey-Cullors. Colette invited me to be a guest artist in her Foundations class in 2012 while I was attending MICA for grad school, so it was cool to talk to her and see her work.

In the meantime, last night or this morning before I arrived at MAP, my work sold! That's tremendous, because I really needed to buy some paint and I don't buy new art supplies unless I sell work. As you can imagine, I am a bit more motivated to sell my work than I normally am when I need new art stuff. I went halvsies on the sale...and I feel good about my small donation contributing to their art programming this coming year as well. Good times, all around!

They had these really nice bios under each of the pieces and the red festive bow signified a sale. And even though many of the pieces were gone by the time I arrived, there were little photocopied images in their place, so everyone could see what they were missing. This was a culmination of several 'nice touches' at MAP's Under $500. It was a very nice, full show, I left wanting a few of the pricier pieces, myself.

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