Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Images of New Work!

If you didn't catch it, I have uploaded images from my new series in progress, Contrary.


The images can be found on my website at this link, here:

I decided to make some very colorful landscapes, I needed that feeling of expansiveness after my recent burn-out...the wax and wane of artmaking. However, I ultimately enjoyed playing with the tissue paper and I slowly grew within the series. I think you can see a bit of the progression from start to finish. It's interesting to note, that in the end I used a reductive method. I seem to feel most comfortable destroying the art to then create what I need.

I think some of the first few had 'too much' (or 'not enough') going on for my liking...they were too bright, too foreign to come from my hand--but they did! Although I enjoyed playing with color and tearing strips of tissue paper, and gluing....the end results were not right. So I did go back and revise the first three after the fact, took some away, added some pencil lines or added more layers. The most important change to note, was that I also flipped most of them. I turned them so that they were oriented vertically rather than horizontally, which really activated the space a bit more, or at least made them much more energized and unexpected in my opinion.

At this point, it feels like a fairly cohesive series to me and I might start shopping around for some galleries. I could explore it more, but I'm anxious (nervous) to get into a new figurative set. I will be using some of the same techniques as are found in these newest landscapes. Words...words/text are sometimes difficult to integrate visually. That will seemingly be my main issue with the upcoming figurative set, but we'll just see. I'll also be thinking about transparency and layering, as seen in this current series.

Look for progress reports soon, and thanks for stopping in! Please check out the link to my website!

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