Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Is Where It's At

So I painted some more new pieces. I feel that with the last fifteen I made, I was just treading water...until I got to this point right here. It's important for me to work through being stuck, work it out and stumble around on the paper, even if it takes awhile. I am of the opinion, and I have said it before, that not everything I make is going to be dipped in gold. No, my paints are not made of stardust, unfortunately, so they do not produce automatic winners. Sometimes I make some crap. The last 15 were certainly not crap, but some of those paintings were created on the back of some crap, for sure...I flip the paper over and use the back as a new surface if the first side has an awful result.

But anyway, let's not dwell on the crap and get on to the good stuff, which is here, right now! It's nice to discover a new way of mark-making for me on this most constant of subject matters...and mediums...watercolor on paper...

BOOM. I'm there.

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