Sunday, December 11, 2011


*runs in* Here I am! Whew. And just in the the nick of time too...I have to get my semester final portfolio finished and burned onto a disc by Tuesday. So today, I have finally scanned and/or photographed (depending on size) each piece. I know I previously skipped around on here because of my fear of scanner malfunctions, but it worked today!

Images seen in my last post were created right before this group. The pieces here are all approximately 5" x 12". Some of the postcard paper I used was longer and thinner than others and #25 is an 11" x 14". Now that the technicalities are out of the way, here's more art I made. Some of these watercolor prints may resemble vaginas, I know (number 27, I'm looking at you). Although it's not intentional, I'm okay with it.

Beyond Rorschach - Test 25

Beyond Rorschach - Test 26

Beyond Rorschach - Test 27

Beyond Rorschach - Test 28

Beyond Rorschach - Test 29

Beyond Rorschach - Test 30

Beyond Rorschach - Test 31

(note to self, crop these a bit more)

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