Thursday, December 8, 2011

Out of Order

I am just catching up on the scanning/photographing/editing phase of artmaking. This is the not-so-fun part in my opinion, thus I have been procrastinating. And rather than take the chance that my scanner would be temperamental today, I shot photos of the larger pieces I completed last in this series. In other words, I skipped a bunch.

Some of these are keepers, and some are not, the numbers may be changed later because of that fact, but I just wanted to keep updated on here. Some times I am more vocal than others, and this is clearly a down-time for me. I will have more images of the in-between pieces up soon though!

I am conceptually still working out my second visual thesis, I think it will be an "Ode to the Circle" which will encompass all of the work being done by other artists in collaboration with me (located on my other blog,, as well. I will be trying to focus on the therapeutic aspects of the circle, most likely spanning psychology, and mental and emotional health.

So, here is some new work...

 Beyond Rorschach #32

 Beyond Rorschach #33

 Beyond Rorschach #34

 Beyond Rorschach #35

 Beyond Rorschach #36

 Beyond Rorschach #37



Whitney-Anne Baker said...

they look very textural though I guess they're not. Kind of want to roll around in them/on them!!

shana goetsch said...

Whitney-Anne! I am SO GLAD you said that! during the opening for the exhibition I am working on an idea with a green screen wherein patrons will be able to be IN the art (these and the mandalas). it will be a new way to interact with the art on the wall when you come to an exhibition - now you can be a part of it, literally.

Bad Jones Rising said...

These are really neat. I love seeing them all together as one, like a series. How long did each one take ya think? This seems like a process that could be made simpler or more complicated depending on the paint/type of paper and size of course.

shana goetsch said...

thanks! i almost always work on watercolor in multiples. so i'd do 8-10 at a time, maybe the whole day long including drying time. i like the long process though. it's one of the reasons why i like using i believe anything good is worth waiting for.;)