Thursday, October 6, 2011


Y'all need to check out my other blog! Some really exciting things are brewing over there, and I feel as if I will be more active on there until at least May. I am seeing the collaborative art project that I helped conceive of over two years ago, grow. It's amazing to see, and be a part of and to write for. I am acting as a sort of project manager and this will be my second thesis project for graduate school.

This one is quite different than the last. First off, I needed a break from the heavy subject matter of last year. The DV stuff and the site and everything all but killed me inside. By the time I graduated I was a highly charged emotional fiend. I literally could have bit heads off, I was so frustrated and exhausted. Rather than put myself or anyone else through that again, I decided I would be focusing on my old, dear friend, the circle.

  photo taken outside of MICA PLACE, Baltimore

Ahhhhhh, she's like a stout drink of water to me, and I've been in the desert for a year. I am also tired of this blog consisting of mostly exhibition advertising. It couldn't be helped because I had so much physically going on, and I was so focused on making all of that work, for so long, that I couldn't even think, like really think. Besides, my guts were already on the paper, on the cardboard, in the prints that I was making, so there was no way to duplicate it in real time with this blog/venue, as well as all the others I was steadily working my way through.

So. Replenishment commences....mandalas and circles galore....a collaborative series that crosses physical boundaries, and beyond. Check it out, if you please, after all, it's just across the hall...

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