Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Love

I LOVE getting news like this! I was just notified that I was accepted into the exhibition, The Other Side at Arizona State University, Step Gallery. Very exciting! Read more about it:

"Bachelor of Arts candidate in Museum Studies, Alicia Porter, in conjunction with the Barrett Honors College, presents her honors thesis project, The Other Side. Porter’s curatorial exhibition displays the work of ten contemporary artists depicting the female visage. The exhibition contrasts the historical feminist movement in the arts with ideas held by contemporary artists. The collection of work analyzes the visual evolution of the female image, in content and representation."

More information, dates and times of this upcoming exhibition, are located here:  The two pieces that will be in this show are...

"Love", The Way I Learn to Fear

You Own Nothing 

And here is my (very long) statement that was to address my process. It will be displayed at the exhibition as well...

Barely there, yet she encompasses every line, every movement, and every thing. For she is the center from which all things come. She is not without a face, she is in every face.

I have never wanted to be a victim of my own circumstances. My work, at the core, is about giving voice to the voiceless. These two pieces, address issues of domestic violence, power, and self-esteem.

The emotions of fear and love are depicted as seemingly one, confused emotion in the piece, "Love" The Way I Learn to Fear. Domestic violence is always personal, and it's often wrapped in the guise of "love", therefor the word encompasses the woman's eyes. The word appears scabby and bloody, just as a physical scar would. This piece is a depiction of violence, love, fear, hurt, shame and confusion. The words, combined with the imagery, become laced with something "other". Love becomes that much more sinister on this occasion.

Understanding myself as a woman, and exploring my identity is something that I have referenced in the piece, You Own Nothing. It involves recognizing that I am the only one who can claim ownership of my body, and my sexuality. It is a message of personal empowerment, while also serving as a reminder of my own intrinsic value as a woman. Although the vagina is the clear subject matter, it has only been alluded to. In fact, it has been closed off and protected from viewing completely. This is a piece that ultimately speaks to "control".

At the heart of things, I consider myself a witness, not a victim. I perceive listening, learning, and empathy as key aspects of my own experience. After witnessing the murder of my mother when I was fourteen, due to domestic violence, I began to see art as a means to heal emotionally and communicate with the world around me. I view art as a key vehicle for change and empowerment in myself and others. My mother no longer has a voice, it was unceremoniously taken from her. For this reason I push to continuously speak for her, and myself through art.

Check out The Other Side in November, Arizona!

I'm updating my CV with the surprise eleventh show this year. The upcoming MACA show will actually be twelve now. I've been gratefully and amazingly shown a whole heaping ton in my time exhibiting so far. I am truly blessed by these many opportunities to use my voice.


Inkpunk Artworks said...


This is excellent news! Very powerful pieces too!

Have a great week,

shana goetsch said...

and I got your message on the mandala blog, remind me in a few days if you don't receive the info in the mail from me...i am just going back to school and it's getting hectic cause everything is due. tuesday when we go back.

Vag said...

woohoo! im so very excited about this one dude! way to go!

shana goetsch said...

thanks! i am excited too. i wish i weren't missing all my exhibitions lately.

Artscapes said...

Congratulations! Powerful pieces and statement.

shana goetsch said...

thank you!

Momo Luna said...

Such beautiful pieces of art Shana. Very emotional and heartfelt.
Congrats with the exhibition, that's great news!

shana goetsch said...

thanks momo luna!