Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Thin Line

I had a really good time tonight overhearing people talk about my Deer Hart (Dear Heart) pieces. A couple of young guys were somewhat excited to see more of my pieces, because for some reason, they broke up the series into two, separate, spots in the gallery. These are the things I take for granted won't happen...but I should still learn to leave a note on the submission form from now on. But I received a ton of compliments on, "the colors!". FYI, there were three other pieces that had to do with deer in this show, as well....deer/antlers are so hot in contemporary art right now. Unreal. It's a good thing I have a jump on the competition, in that respect.

So here it is, click on the slide show! Tonight's exhibition documentation starts about 10 photos in to this set:

1 comment:

Vag said...

yea, i noticed the other antlers and commented about it...for a second i thought you had done it and forgot to tell me about it...but then i looked closer and its so not your style. i also noticed the lack of mutated arm picture.