Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inspiration and Its Odd Ways

Normally, when I use words in my art, I get the inspiration from a song, or a poem or a phrase that just sticks with me from pop-culture. Other times, I find an image and it goes from there. The last few days, I was dealing with the latter. I was asked by an artist friend Michelle, to trade an 8x10 piece with her. I wanted to do something uplifting, and I was considering an off-take on a classic mother and child.

But I wasn't satisfied with that idea, and so I looked around my house...noticed I had scrawled a few things about ravens, and The Raven by Poe....and then I thought of people. Women and birds, specifically. Anyway, the point of this right now (as you will see the finished product of what I am talking about, in a few) is that I was searching for language to use, words. I wanted something confident and strong, as I was dealing with images of women...but the phrasing, what to do? I was momentarily stuck.

So this morning, I was feeling extrasupercool, and like I could do and accomplish anything. I decided to look on youtube for a video to aptly describe my mood. I picked the Black Eyed Peas video, Imma Be Rocking That Body (I was feeling kicky, what can I say?), I had not seen it previous to this morning.

Anyway, I was rocking out, and noticed there was a raven in flight right before the lyrics start (a sign). And then I saw Fergie get up and work it in her long black flowy skirt (another sign). Then about 20 seconds later, she utters the fateful words: '...Imma be spreadin my wings, Imma be doin my thing...'
Thank you Fergie, for being so confident, you rule.

Want to see what I saw? Click the link and watch 1:45-2:50 minutes, specifically. I got what I wanted, light-hearted, yet strong and beautiful too. Honestly, that minute of film is an important part of my inspiration for the current piece. Odd choice, but there it is. I'll post the piece when I am finished, but for now, Imma be right in the thick of it.


Heather Gordy said...

That's what's so great about it... Inspiration doesn't just come from anywhere... It's comes from EVERYWHERE.

shana goetsch said...

i was still surprised at my obvious choice. or the choice that the universe made for me.