Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wicked, Magic, Words

I made this...thing. It's a fused nail ball...I'm pretty sure. But anyway, I did some stuff to it, and it turned out looking like this...

For something completely unrelated:

This is the shirt I am wearing today, because you've gotta have some fun and magic in your life from time to time. I bring my own when I wear this...

and finally, even more unrelated:

I heard this explanation for 'worry' awhile back, and it made sense, but I don't know that it 'rang true' for me at that point....not until I saw an example of 'worry' on someone else today.

When we worry, we are living in the past, and in the future...anywhere but the present.

Here's to just being in the moment, and really being who we are....and here's to Andre being who he really was in 1998. Cheers!


Vag said...

Shalom Andre!

How did you fuse the nails together?
Visually its interesting....starts off jagged, pointy, sharp...but eventually becomes quite warm and familiar.

shana goetsch said...

the fire fused them together....the fire in my dad's tool shed where i then collected a bunch of dangerous metal rusty junk to play with.

i really got a kick out of me that day. i was all, 'get me a BOX!'(to contain all of my surprises)

shana goetsch said...

um..."he" got a kick out of me, not myself. *bob chuckle*