Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Upwards of Two-hundred

...just barely. This is 365. one-hundred, ninety through 365. two-hundred, one. From approximately mid July. Yeah, I'm that behind. But I have more poly'ed that I will be posting tomorrow. And I'm getting ready to make an unrelated post in a minute here, too. Three in a row for ya'll today!

I missed you, my blog.

365.one-hundred, ninety

365.one-hundred, ninety-one

365.one-hundred, ninety-two

365.one-hundred, ninety-three

365.one-hundred, ninety-four

365.one-hundred, ninety-five

365.one-hundred, ninety-six

365.one-hundred, ninety-seven

365.one-hundred, ninety-eight

365.one-hundred, ninety-nine


365.two-hundred, one


1 comment:

Vag said...

201--alien sperm. or alien spy sent to watch me.

191 looks like my dinosaur friend.

193...is a dreamy eye.