Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Providence

There are two new exhibits coming in October for me. Along with some painting/prints that I am submitting for 30 Years of Dialogue, the Riverwest Artists Association's Annual Members Show, I will have some of my photographs up during ArtWalk weekend. This will be the first exhibit of my cemetery art and my first solo exhibit of photography. Exciting, since ArtWalk is a 25 year old tradition in Riverwest, and exciting since I've never exhibited art in a church before, let alone two in one weekend. Yes, churches. Yes, photography.

I do enjoy being a part of a few, odd, not-of-the-norm exhibits (Streetza Pizza truck, anyone?) I think they are more intriguing, and fit me, in an outsider type of way. But I will say this: during my senior art show in high school, I watched from the big windows atop Wayland Academy's two-story library, the 'nunnies' coming for me, across that vast courtyard....and I don't think I've been the same since. They were headed to my exhibit, I knew them from my Catholic grade school, from my childhood. (I guess I feel that the nunnies are coming for me again, in a manner of speaking.)

But I will never, ever, forget that sight; a whole pack of nuns, their long, black, habits, whipping
in the wind...and I knew that they were coming to see my work, specifically. I felt so important, so cool...the emissaries had come for me. It was really heart-warming that they had made the effort, and in such a surprising force of show. While they were there, they gave me a great book called A New Way of the Cross with illustrations by John Andrews. The illustrations are gorgeous in this book, all hands and close-ups of body parts. This is a treasure of an art reference book for me, and it always has been...and I just now noticed that it was published in Milwaukee (the Bruce Publishing Company, 1952) It all cycles back to the beginning for me. Some might even call it 'Providence'....

On that note, may I present to you:

ArtWalk Weekend at Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish
Our Catholic Parish in the Heart of Milwaukee’s Riverwest Neighborhood

Saturday October 3, 2009: Noon until 3:30 PM
St. Mary of Czestochowa Site, Burleigh and Fratney Streets

Sunday October 4, 2009: 12:30 until 4:00 PM
St. Casimir Site, Bremen and Clarke Streets

Each afternoon offers:

Self-guided Church Tours
View our historic buildings and stained glass windows
With historical descriptions
Photography and text by Kathy Grycowski

Finely woven 19th century liturgical vestments
Appreciate detailed “Old World” artistry
In treasured liturgical garments

Inspirational photography of historical religious statues
Shana R. Goetsch, Borne Mourning (black and white exhibit)

Classical music in a Sacred Space
Saturday at St. Mary’s: Hornucopia Brass Quartet
Sr. Anita New, violinist
Chris Kolanko, pianist

Sunday at St. Casimir’s: Bilingual Folk Choir
Teresa Flaherty, classical guitarist
Susanna Huerta, pianist
Josh Hren, singer/songwriter/guitarist
The Prata Duo: Mike Keegan, horn, and Steve Wolf, organ/piano

Enjoy a Fiesta Dinner Saturday at St. Mary’s Colonial Hall, after 4PM Mass
Delicious food and Mariachi Band
Art Exhibit by famous Veracruz artist Juan Flores
Children’s Art Project

Anointing Weekend Mass Schedule: Sat. 4PM (Eng) St. Mary’s; Sun. 9:30(Eng), 11:30 (Sp) St. Casimir’s.
All are welcome!

To recap: My cemetery photographs, Borne Mourning taken on a trip this past spring to Richmond Virginia, will be on display throughout ArtWalk weekend in Riverwest Milwaukee. The photos will be exhibited at both churches, St Mary's on Saturday and St. Casimir's on Sunday. And I will have two of my Deer Hart (Dear Heart) pieces up at the next RAA exhibit, also premiering over ArtWalk weekend, October 3-4.

Divine Providence has always been a truly excellent concept for me.


(image copyright protected Shana Goetsch)


Vag said...

so exciting dude. seriously, grave photos are very powerful...and you get to use candles! woohoo!!!

and congrats on both exhibits!

shana goetsch said...

thanks. now i get to plan...with candles!

Heather said...

Wish I could be there to see those. I was born in Richmond and would love to wander through the past there.

shana goetsch said...

really? that's interesting. i wish i were born somewhere cool.
i loved the cemeteries there. it even smelled old in virginia...historical!

i'll take a video though, when i put up the show. you'll get part of it, at least.

Heather said...

That'll work ;)