Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deer Hart (Dear Heart) - "Warm"

I don't have a ton to say about this one...I think that if you can read it, it is pretty self-explanatory. I was thinking about the warmth of words, versus the warmth of 'the body', and let's just leave it at that. But if you need further clarification, the answer lies in the lyrics for Neko Case's song Favorite.
Thank you and goodnight.


Vag said...


shana said...

it's cuz my rack's so big y'all. *wink*

erratioanimus said...

Im really curious, you use water color correct? What do you use to write like the words on the 'letter'? And very nice picture i enjoyed it

shana said...

hopefully you will find this here...yes, i use watercolors and i have been using printmaking techniques on this series also. transfer techniques from photocopies. sometimes i write directly on things with a pen also....this piece was mostly just the photocopies for the words (the transfer techniques i used only in the 'image' box to the upper left). but i wanted the 'background', i.e. 'text' to have more weight, so that the photocopies are wrapped around the edges, and laid one on top of another. so, i use a variety of things, is really the answer. transfer techniques and straight paper copies, sometimes i'll use the real thing...the real piece of paper, the real letter.
this one, is mainly from a letter that my mom wrote me when i was 13. i combined it with a tiny bits of my own photocopied writing for filler, but that's about it.
it's a photocopy of a mom letter.
the one that is down further, 'Loaded'...the background is mainly text as well, but i wrote that all out by hand that time, it needed a more confused/jumbled/psycho rendering though.
so many uses for text, so little time.
p.s. i love words.