Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Broads Who Happen to Influence Me (D. Garzelloni)

She and I have been speaking on myspace for almost a year now, I think maybe even longer. I tend to discuss a lot of my artistic endeavors with her, and she's always, oddly, topically, current to me and my life situations. Case in point, I was IMing her about the deer-charging incident and she got a text message from a phone she picked up by accident...about someone killing a deer. That's weird timing yo, and it seems to be the overall trend.

I also look to her for the names of all things spiritual and cool, since she's more well-read on the subjects that I seem to be interested in...much more than I am....'Godhead. What's that?', says me. Well, she knows.

So I asked her to make this for me, and I think it's super cool. She's recently been doing some computer manipulations to very great effect, in my opinion. The neat thing, is that she was willing to experiment in a medium that she was not originally comfortable with.

Anyway, here's me, 'Animus'

More of D. Garzelloni's work can be found here.

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