Monday, January 2, 2017


Happy New Year!

I feel the urge/enjoyment to write again! 

Can I say that I had a catharsis on Christmas day, in writing my (long overdue, long feared) victim impact statement? Yes, yes I did. I stopped at the top edge of the landing in my stairwell when I was finished, and I let out a deep, emptying, full-bodied sigh. And just as I looked up, the sunlight rose sharply, as it does sometimes, and it dramatically cut off the shadows in the stairwell below. It lit that shit UP. I felt a moment of such great relief. I felt as if I had received a little bit of grace from the Universe. It was so beautiful that I could have cried, but I smiled instead.

Moth to a flame, I get closer to the light.

#getoutamyway #BIGLY2017 ;) #mothsgetburnedtho #hopingforthebest


I am getting prepared to start work(s) again this week (BOOOO). I really relished having a few weeks off to decompress and (try) to relax. If you know me at all, you know this is a monumental task, and pretty much all vacations are wasted on me. And usually I find that my "vacations" are really my brain shutting off because it can't take anymore. In November/December, I wasn't quite to the stress level of the grad school shut downs -- where I would often find myself/"wake up" in a completely silent room staring at the blank wall in front of me, recalling no distinguishing thoughts, and realizing the clear passage of time -- but it was not the best that I have felt.

SO, that brings me again to "Time". I am getting ready to drop off my three pieces to the annual Faculty Exhibition at my college job this week. They will be from the unfinished-ish (? possibly, as my views on Time might morph/grow again, and then the series will be finished) series Of Essence and Time.

I would show you some images, but honestly, I have been altering them a tad. If it's an invitational, and I have not been accepted to a show based on specific work...there is a high probability that the pieces I have my eye on will be drastically (or minimally) changed in the final weeks up to the drop-off. With time, I can see what they need and get it done in one, bold, stroke. I already made my dramatic move on one of the pieces. None of them is safe!

I'll post images of the work as soon as they are more/newly/completely finished. I still have a few days of brooding and indecision over them all. One piece might even get switched out for another, last minute. That's how I roll (actually I am rarely ever indecisive, but choosing the art or the images for the portfolios takes A LOT of time and back-and-forth, on my part).

I'll have some moremoreMORE notable things coming up in the first few months of the new year, and I hope you do too. Cheers!

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