Sunday, January 29, 2017

Interview with Project GirlSpire!

Find it here

Very pleased to be contacted by Project GirlSpire through The Feminist Art Project - Baltimore for this interview. It was kind of tough to do! It took a lot of way-back remembering and sort of displacing myself from my current self (!) A completely weird, mildly uncomfortable, and very exciting experience! I also found it rather therapeutic, especially since I am currently, (slowly) taking trauma-informed practitioner courses. So that, in itself, is a reflection on my experience.

The toughest part of the interview might have been the top five musical selection. I had to really think back to what was on my mixtapes in my car at that time...heh. No easy task, and I had to do a lot of cross-referencing to see what album from a particular artist came out during or before that year. Yikes. I think I achieved a pretty accurate representation in the end though. I also loved reminiscing about Anne of Green Gables. If I were 5 or so years younger, it would have been Buffy all the way. I think Anne Shirley is a pretty good precursor to Buffy Summers though...

Anyway, check that out, please!

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