Sunday, January 22, 2017

All Things February!

I'm going to drop all of the graphics & details below

What: Faculty Exhibition, invitational
Where: Howard Community College, Columbia MD
When: January 12 - March 19, 2017
Reception on February 2, 5-7pm

 I'll have three pieces in this show.

What: Metallurgy Mavens, TFAPB invitational
Where: Baltimore Community ToolBank, Baltimore
When: February 25, 6-9pm (one night only!)

 I will have work in this show, but I'm not sure what yet, but I think it will be 3D work.


And lastly, TFAPB's Curator-In-Residence, Aimi Bouillon has her first of two exhibitions this year, with an opening on February 3rd...

What: Feminism Fights Military Morals
Where: Ballroom Gallery, Baltimore MD
When: February 3 - February 18, 2017
Reception on February 3, 7-10pm

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