Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Neon Fruits of Labor

Almost every Fall session I get some kind of a seasonal present from a student near the end of the semester...food stuff, a nice card, home made soap last year...and this year, BAM, paint. Backstory is that I went wild for this color paint she had, and said I wanted to lick it...and then I had to explain to everyone about my thing with color and consumption, and that if I want to lick it, it's good; rich, deep, robust are all foodie words too. As someone else postulated/inquired to me, "Why do you think they call it having good taste in art?". Ah, touche.

Anyway, this paint was given to me and I painted with it yesterday and I love it. Of course, the photograph will never do the color justice and I am not finished with it yet, but...mmmm, neon purple. *slurp*

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