Wednesday, September 2, 2015

De-Installation Blues

Aw. The LOSS felt with de-installation!

I took my exhibition down from the walls of Jubilee Arts yesterday. I wasn't really prepared, but was in the neighborhood; but I knew it was feasible based on what is laying around in my car, as far as bags and such. It was touchy work getting the tape off of some of the paper, but it was altogether one of the easiest de-installs I have done. I think this was a new record for me!

Although I did have to use my tweezers to get some of the rogue embedded pins out (Jubilee does not have an in-house pliers = totally weird). Those ball pin heads often pop right off, even if you are trying real hard not to let that happen; some just have a mind of their own. Anyway, I got those little suckers with my tweezers. Ye shall not outwit me, de-installation!

And let's all say a fond goodbye to the piece, Cut... it has a new home with artist, teacher, and all-around extraordinary gal, Cinder Hypki. I could not be any more pleased that it will live with her!

Because of my general feeling of loss and emptiness, I decided to apply to a few more solo exhibitions this week. This time, I submitted my work-in-progress series, Cog (the new mandalas). I applied to two solos total thus far, so I hope to get at least one of them and hope to find a few more places to apply. *fingers crossed*

Now that that's out of the way, I will return to the drudgery of writing for allthegrantsfellowshipsand awards. Dangit!

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