Friday, September 25, 2015

Chroma in 3D

Recently, my Three-Dimensional Art & Design students created these very colorful large scale pieces. I'll update the third, Monday's class, when it is completely finished, but here's what they've been cooking so far in my classes...

challenge: Color Coding
key concepts: art as everyday, collaborative, high relief, color, mind mapping, pattern, visual organization, observation

Students are asked to create a collaborative piece of art by designing a color coded system from the found objects they collect. In this 4 week process, students focus on seeing objects beyond their normal function, embracing color and pattern, and creating a sense of community and a shared investment in artmaking.


Christine Buckton Tillman & Lisa Solomon, CHROMA, Gallery CA (images/article)
Emily Blincoe,  (Colossal, images/articles)
Raoul Servais, Chromophobia (animated film, 1966)

Thursday's class!

 Thursday's finished piece


Friday's class!

Friday's finished piece!

Monday's class actually created their piece using contrasting colors (background versus object) so that should be something new and different. In the meantime, I put the two of these in the display case, side by side, unfortunately I ran out of room while simultaneously taking over someone else's space.
What can I say, it's a gift...

...and just for fun, here is Chromophobia, the 1966 animated film from artist, Raoul Servais.

ETA: Monday's class, finished piece!

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