Thursday, March 12, 2015

Great Cause, Check it Out, TFAP-B!

As many of you may or many not know, I am the founder, and currently the Regional Coordinator of an all-volunteer non-profit group, The Feminist Art Project - Baltimore.

As a group, we have been bringing high quality, FREE arts and cultural opportunities to people in the area. We're a very inclusive organization, but we've gone almost 2 years on no budget whatsoever. We do have fiscal sponsorship through Fusion Partnerships, Inc, so we're all set up as a 501 c. 3 in Maryland, no worries! If you can DONATE to, or SHARE our Indigogo campaign, that would really help me out, especially.

But take a look around, check out our funnyFUNNY video, and do what you can manage! Your help is appreciated!

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