Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Good News

Found out at the exhibition reception that both of the pieces I submitted to the ACCR/MICA Art + Community exhibition and project have been claimed! These pieces will be going to two separate agencies in the area!

The piece on the top, Horizon, will be at Laurel Advocacy and Referral Services, Inc. "LARS is a non-proselytizing ecumenical ministry serving the Greater Laurel area by assisting homeless and low-income individuals and families who are experiencing crisis, providing both emergency and long-term services designed to promote self-sufficiency."

The bottom piece, Event Horizon will be at Loyola Clinical Centers. "Loyola Clinic Centers is a community based organization operating under the auspices of Loyola University Maryland, providing comprehensive education and training of graduate students in collaboration with academic departments across a variety of disciplines. The Clinical Centers are committed to the idea of social change in service to the community, the city, the nation, and the world, and dedicated to research and scholarship of issues that most affect the ability of people to develop, change, and lead meaningful lives."

Saw President, Fred Lazarus at the show, since it was all alumni...that's about the only person I knew, unfortunately. But it was a really great exhibition, full of some really great abstract pieces. I was happy to be included among the alumni represented and body of work shown. Thanks to The Art Connection in the Capital Region for organizing this great project!

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