Saturday, March 16, 2013


Have you ever looked at the back of your painting and found that it's better than the front? Sometimes, I muddy up the front too much (usually as a result of my anticipation and inability to wait for everything to dry), then I'll flip it over to the back...more often than not, the back is the side I go with.

So I've been thinking for quite awhile about the accidents that happen in my studio. Hell, most of my mixed media and collage work comes from the floor, I often attribute the phenomenon to helper elves, because how else would 'exactly what I need' be right there for the picking, exactly when I need it?

It is maybe a bit of chance or a happy accident. My work is FULL of them. I think I was first confident enough to display them as the 'real' work in my 2009, 365.series. Below are two different approaches to/examples of the same premise, which is essentially: arty accidents are often cool art.

365. fifty-nine

365. ninety-seven

On that note, I also am having some issues with my dying old computer, particularly when I'm running a video. Whether it's the video player or the computer processor or a combo (I'm not solidly sure), it makes for some interesting art! Some of my newest work, Glitch, is technologically accidental. I just happened to be around to catch it..."happenstance" (or helper elves, we can't be sure of anything)... Computer art on my website.

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