Friday, September 28, 2012

The Anniversary List

The opening for Invited: The Anniversary List is tonight! The details can be found here on an early post:

But I wanted to give you some of the "making of" photos behind the two pieces I created. I always love process shots, so I thought maybe you might be interested too. The theme of the two pieces, for me was about "location" or "place". I worked with the location and the history of the business and the owner.

Helper Kitty is helping

For one side, I used the imagery of the Hibiscus flower, which is also the national flower of South Korea. South Korea is where Mr. Park, the owner, is originally from. I think it makes the idea of "pollination" that much more relevant.

For the second piece I decided to further the bee theme by recreating a honeycomb pattern. Underneath it all I placed Baltimore City and Maryland maps, which you can still see peeking through the paint. There is a tiny little star print on this one, which "places" the store location on the Baltimore City map. You can see it a bit better on the close-up shot of me above. But again, this was about location, as well as the material I needed to use, iron. This was in the form of prints taken from the manhole covers on the corner in front of the store...again, location/place.

All in all, I am really happy with how these turned out, and Mr. Park and the neighbors seems happy as well. And really, who could ask for anything more? What a great experience, I'm really looking forward to the reception tonight.


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