Tuesday, September 4, 2012

House Show

I'm in this upcoming exhibition! Here is the press release:

Urbanite @ Case[werks]
September 21–October 24, 2012
Opening reception: September 21, 6 p.m.–8 p.m.

HOUSE SHOW studies and celebrates the idea of the rowhouse as storyteller. Co-curated by Marianne Amoss, Marian April Glebes, Sarah McCann, and Jessica Young of D center Baltimore, the exhibit examines how these familiar structures serve as narratives, recording and telling our personal stories and the stories of streets, neighborhoods, and entire cities. What are the stories contained within rowhouse walls? How do rowhouses reveal how we live now, and how we used to live?

In keeping with the interdisciplinary mission of both Case[werks] and D Center Baltimore, HOUSE SHOW features work in a variety of mediums and by a range of artists, representing architecture, photography, sculpture, oral history, and more.

The exhibit is at Urbanite @ Case[werks] from September 21 through October 24, 2012. The opening reception will be held on September 21, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Complementary programming will take place during the exhibit, both in the gallery and at off-site venues. Additional information about these events is forthcoming.

Urbanite @ Case[werks] is located at 1501 St. Paul Street, Suite 116, Baltimore, MD 21202. The gallery is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call 410-332-4160.

D center Baltimore is a broad cross-section of disciplines and individuals invested in improving and encouraging design—in all its iterations—in the Baltimore region. D center's members believe design thinking has the capacity to change the world and that banding together in creative collaboration will greatly improve the quality of urban life. For more information about D center, please visit www.dcenterbaltimore.com.

ABOUT URBANITE @ CASE[WERKS] in collaboration with D center Baltimore Urbanite@Case[werks] serves as a showcase of Station North and other Baltimore artists for audiences traveling into Baltimore’s Penn Station, thereby expanding the audience for local artists and the local and regional recognition of Station North. By highlighting interdisciplinary work, the exhibitions in Urbanite@Case[werks] draw participants and audience from diverse fields including architecture, fine arts, photography, design, and more. Urbanite @ Case[werks] is a collaboration between Urbanite magazine and Case[werks] and is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation. For more information about Case[werks], please visit www.casewerks.com.

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