Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Just Happened?

Whew, as you can see from my last post, there were a lot of things going on...and there was more last week too. First, I was asked by my professor, Cinder Hypki, to present to the first year graduate level MACA/MFACA class my ideas about sustainability as an artist and self-promotion. It ended up being a really great presentation, the students were engaged, they asked plenty of questions and it ran for two hours. And here I was thinking I didn't have enough material. I was clearly wrong.

Later in the week, the undergraduate students from my GTI class had their student conference (reflected above). It was very impressive, and some of them performed the best they ever had this semester. Marked improvement and critical thought...that's all we really want. With Professor, Robert Merrill at the helm and the smartest, most socially conscious art students around...props to both semesters of Global Perspectives: Politics and History. I had an incredible year, I'm really going to miss that particular teaching environment.

Her Curves and Angles

Also this piece, Her Curves and Angles, was sold shortly after the giant public auction I attended, Lotta Art! for School 33 Art Center in Baltimore...coolcoolcool. I'm very glad that in the end, it sold to someone whom I've been told is thoroughly awesome. I know she'll take good care of my girl.

And guess what, graduation is tomorrow and our public reception for Heartland is Saturday 5-9 pm at MICA PLACE. So much!

Next week is going to be such a let down for me, I can tell already.

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