Thursday, February 2, 2012

Confirmation for the Solo Show!

Okay, so I finally have confirmation on my upcoming solo show, which occur this Fall. I am very excited to be showing my 3 Tributaries work at the Adriondack Lakes Center for the Arts located in Blue Mountain Lake, New York! YAY!

"We would like to offer you the dates of October 5 2012 - November 3 2012 for your exhibit, and November 3 2012 for the gallery reception."

It's actually really fortuitous because October is traditionally Domestic Violence Awareness month in the U.S.. I am hoping that I can do some community outreach/programming regarding DV in that area. I still have a long time to plan with them and wait for this though, so anything can happen in the meantime.

Right now I am just excited and grateful that the series that is most important to me is able to be shown at least one more time.



Elizabeth Anderson said...

Fantastic Shana! Congratulations.

shana goetsch said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth!

Bad Jones Rising said...

Wow! congrats. I bet it feels so good! I wish you the best and I hope you drink lots of wine and meet lots of new people. <3

shana goetsch said...

Hey, thanks so much! It really does feel good! I appreciate the comment!